That Rain

It’s that time of year when everything is so dark and grey and damp.


But that darkness and greyness and dampness gives life to everything we hold dear here.

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“The ubiquitous 1:√2 relationship is fundamental to the design of Islamic floor mosaic as well as to the form and proportions of the honey bee.” – Robert Lawlor, Sacred Geometry: Philosophy and Practice 

I haven’t found any other sources to confirm this, but it’s a nice idea anyhow.

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“Are Those Eyeballs?” Shushing the Inner Editor

Art school is wonderful, but it can train the inner editor to become a screaming red-faced drill-sergeant. This inner editor paralyses gesture, squashes creativity, and inhibits intuition. So this morning, I attempted to calm it a little…


Cells, pulsars, rings of life, circles of life, interconnectedness, geodes, space travel….

Choose the ink that calls you. Don’t overthink it. Let your mind be loose. Let your hand be loose. Let your eyes be loose.

Don’t worry if it’s been done before.  Don’t worry if those three blog-followers think it sucks.

This practice is about process, not product.

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Snakes and Lilies

Last year I assigned a grade twelve art class a design-a-tattoo warm-up assignment, partly with the intention of having the students investigate the symbolism and imagery associated with our names, birthdays, and birth places

My origins are associated with imagery that is both elegant and venomous. What does that say about me? (Eek.)


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More Singin’!

Another season of the Kingsgate Chorus has begun, and our videos from the June concert are up!

Here’s a tune by PJ Harvey, and arranged for us by Jenny Ritter.

P.S. Can you guess our costume theme?

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Pollinators of Lulu Island Bog

After the success of last year’s colouring pages for the Garden City Lands Coalition, we decided to do it again. This time, we focused on some unique plants and pollinators of the bog. I write back and forth with the president and a biologist on the coalition in order to ensure a degree of anatomical accuracy.

Featured this time: Pacific Crabapple, Rufous Hummingbird, Bog Laurel, Bumblebee, Anna’s Hummingbird, Fireweed, Painted Lady Butterfly, Bog Cranberry, and Blue Orchard Bee.


To obtain a digital blank colouring sheet, or a class set of prints, contact the Garden City Lands Coalition here.

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A friend commissioned me to illustrate an inside joke for her.

The story goes that the two women were deliriously sleep-deprived and sick as they were driving along in the countryside. One threw a banana peel out the window and cried “Au revoir, petite banane!” and they soon heard the loud SPLAT of the peel hitting a rock wall. Laughter ensued for miles.


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