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Sleepy Salmon Doodles



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What Goes Into a Can of Salmon?

This summer I had the pleasure of working at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site. When we had down time between delivering programs, we were encouraged to pursue our own projects. We began discussions on creating new school programs and making our existing ones even better. An upcoming kindergarten-grade 1 program will ask students to think about where their seafood comes from. For example, how does a salmon get from the water to a can to your plate? Here are some images I drew for one activity. Could you get the images in the correct order? To see a salmon canning line, a herring reduction line, and to learn about the social history of the west coast fishing industry in Steveston, go visit The Gulf of Georgia Cannery!

1SwimFinal 2FishingFinal 3ButcheringFinal 4FillingFinal 5SealingFinal 6CookingFinal 7LabelingFinal 8TransportationFinal 9EatingFinal


All images belong to the Gulf of Georgia Cannery Society.

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We Found the Salmon Trees


If you’ve ever walked in a forest that has salmon habitat flowing through, then you have probably met a Salmon Tree*.
By detecting salmon-derived nitrogen in tree core samples, we can see that salmon carcasses (often brought in land by bears and other predators) feed trees in riparian zones. To find out more, check out this paper!

* “Salmon Tree” is the name used by Metro Vancouver Park Interpreters when teaching about this study.

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