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When You’re Gone



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Stop Moment #6: Replacing Ambition with Curiosity


“Let curiosity replace ambition,” repeats Anne, instructor at EDAM Studio.
Her voice peacefully washes over us as we roll and lean into each other, trying to incorporate the mechanics of contact improvisation into a flowing dance.
In this case I think she is using the word “ambition” to mean “ending”. She is asking us to be present in our movement, and to not be ¬†aiming for any kind of conclusion – to avoid trying to “get” anywhere. I have decided to apply this mantra to the other kinds of social dancing that I do, and to broaden the application. I wish to remove my ego from my dancing. If I pass judgement on another dancer (which might, for example, appear as a smug thought about their movement, or a hesitation to ask someone to dance), then I am part of the problem. This week I challenged myself to ask whoever I saw first when the song began, no matter if they were beginner or advanced, no matter if I knew them or not. If I felt a negative thought coming on, I reminded myself to let curiosity and playfulness guide my experience. I greatly enjoyed dancing this past week. This is definitely a practice that I will continue as my performative inquiry deepens.

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What a Shame


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