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Fly Thru

This giant seagull was spotted soaring above a high school parking lot.



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The Last Train Home

There is a certain buzz in the air when you ride the last train of the night. There is a sense of collective accomplishment in catching it on time. Most people are still energized from their evenings and, unlike at rush hour, strangers will actually talk to each other.

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Little Did He Know That at That Very Moment…

… a Parasite Had Entered His Bloodstream!

This post (like most others featured on this blog) is inspired by real life events.

* Surgeon General Warning: The consumption of raw oysters poses an increased risk of food borne illness and may lead to death. The consumption of comics about raw oysters, however, is mostly painless.

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Mysterious Architectural Add-ons

An unexpected conversation with a stranger at 3 am as we walked past a newish apartment building.

But seriously… what IS that thing? (It’s hard to tell how big it is but it hangs off the building parallel to the street.)

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