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All Wrong

Art-making (like many endeavours) seems to work best when I am completely in the moment – where my mind is still and clear and calmly focused. I have seen too many art students (including myself at times) succumb to frustration, deeming any little line they create as ‘wrong’ or unworthy. This rotoscoped animation (which is intended to loop) is about getting caught in this destructive and self-conscious cycle.


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Cousins and the Pacific Ocean

Bowen Island, British Columbia is a special place to me, especially because of the opportunity it has given me to spend time with my extended family.

Last summer my cousin’s daughter (7 at the time) prepared this creation for me. She found a tiny crab and delicately positioned it in a mussel shell. The whole thing was only 3 or 4 cm wide. I painted it.

Four years ago I made a short animation dedicated to some of my other cousins. It was created with scanned watercolour paintings.

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