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Stop Moment #5: Encounters with Magic

“The beauty of playing together is meeting in the One.”1


“This is so magical,” I hear again.

This time the voice comes from below, where friends bundled up in hats and scarves lie in the sand and watch hundreds of lanterns travel above.

Seven thousand of us have gathered to observe the release of these lanterns that mark the end of Chinese New Year celebrations.

Cheers and laughter float across the beach each time another lantern is released. The paper aircrafts tilt and dance upwards uncertainly until they catch speed. Soon, the points of light become indistinguishable from sparkling constellations.

We are called to this ritual.
We are drawn to a unifying experience.
We are hungry for magic.

1 Stephen Nachmanovitch, Free Play: Improvisation in Life and Art (New York: Tarcher/Putnam, 1990), 94.


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Wind In My Fur

Spotted on the back of a motorcycle in Kitsilano.


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