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Quick Print

After months of telling my friend Laura that I would show her linocut printmaking, we finally had a chance to get together. Her dog Tundra was sleeping on the kitchen floor, and proved to be the perfect muse. It felt good to create a small (~4″x4″) artwork in a couple of hours.



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Card Season

For the past 16 years I have been creating the covers for my family’s Christmas cards. This is the time of year when I start putting things in motion so that I can collaborate with my dad who always thinks up the message printed on the inside.

Here are some samples from the past few years…

Colourful Forest, disperse dye heat transfer on cotton, Christmas 2008

Steller’s Jay, digital drawing, Christmas 2009

Chapel in the Woods, digitally altered linocut print, Christmas 2010

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Offset Swimmer

I went swimming in the Pacific today and enjoyed being knocked around by the tide coming in quickly as the full moon rose.

I thought of my first attempt at a multiple colour lino print. My plates were probably not quite square and so they ended up a bit crooked on the bed of the press. Anyways, I went with it… (see title)

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Narrow Lots

I never cease to be delighted by the Victorian homes that line Toronto’s downtown residential streets. Some of these buildings have been maintained in their original states with stained glass windows and local red and yellow bricks. Others have been repainted and remodeled in all kinds of funky ways.

As I prepare to leave Toronto, this print serves as a bit of a souvenir.

Narrow Lots, 6″x18″, linocut
(please click to enlarge image)

Some sketches leading up to the print…


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