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Did you just see that?

Spotted this man last month. The best part about these kinds of characters is how they cause everyone else on the street to make eye contact and smile together. Strangers joining together over… strangeness!


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Deal breakers are a funny thing…

This summer a friend of mine had her eye on a particular man until that fateful day when she saw him sporting a certain brand of footwear of the foam clog variety.

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Summer Cycling

If you’ve never ridden a bicycle in Toronto, you ought to give it a try! It really opens up the city to you in new and exciting ways.

P.S. If you hear a little singsong voice at the intersection, it might be me!

P.P.S. While this is sort of a self-portrait, I actually do wear a helmet.

P.P.P.S. What excellent cycling songs do you know? A personal favourite is one I learned at Pearson Seminar on Youth Leadership
Just me and my bike, just me and my red shiny hand-me-down bike, pedaling into the next life, leaving my sorrows behind…

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