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Wake Up!

I had the pleasure of investigating environmental (place-based) education through a course at Simon Fraser University this summer. For my final portfolio I created a series of illustrations in watercolour, gouache, ink and collage. I look forward to sharing them with you over the next few weeks.

One of my classmates asked for some of our insights to the course, and I wrote the following to him:

Environmental education is a full sensory learning experience. We are asked to wake up and become aware of our bodies, minds and spirits in the present moment. We learn with our bodies and we store our knowledge there. Not only do we visit our subject matter, we become it.



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Baked Fresh

I take a university shuttle bus to work each day and on the way home, I love the moment when the patrons purr, “mmm! What is that smell?!”

I since found out what it really is… but maybe that should be left a mystery a little while longer.

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