Hello! I’m Suzanna and I believe in fine arts.

I studied Criticism & Curatorial Practices at the Ontario College of Art and Design and I am currently a master’s candidate in Arts Education at Simon Fraser University. I am passionate about pedagogy, museums, public radio programming, growing food, swing dancing, archives, and all things “Canadian”.

This blog began as a course assignment and is now somewhat serving as an online portfolio/sketchbook. Most of my illustrations are about everyday thoughts and observations. They are the words and images that stick in my head for days and weeks until I finally release them on paper. I look forward to see how this blog evolves!


5 responses to “About

  1. Chris

    Hello Suzanna!
    This is Chris from Germany.
    I really like your work!
    We are having a summer party for families (non-commercial) in our little village this year.
    I have seen your “Swallows at Iona Beach Park” and I was wondering, if we could use it for our flyer for promoting the event.
    I hope, you like the idea, of course we´d give credits if we use it.

  2. elsimek

    Hello Suzanna –

    I am also interested in sharing your artwork, specifically your salmon trees painting on The Nature Conservancy’s social media accounts. Ok to share with a credit back to you?


    • suzannawright

      Hi Erica,
      Yes! My images are free to use (with credit) for educational and non-profit purposes.
      Suzanna Wright

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