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A Beautiful Moment


A few summers ago at the Richmond Art Gallery, my teaching partner and I were demonstrating a new project when suddenly one of the students erupted into laughter. It became contagious.

“What’s so funny?” We finally managed to ask between giggles.

The student shrugged and smiled. We all continued laughing for a few moments longer.


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Whole Holes

Prompted by my courses at Simon Fraser University, I have been enjoying the writings of Carl Leggo, this time in Life Writing and Literary Métissage as an Ethos for Our Times, co-written with Erika Hasebe-Ludt and Cynthia M. Chambers.

These words especially resonated with me as I dig more deeply into the practice of life writing. At the beginning of this semester, I feared that I might run out of subjects to write about. Now it feels like every writing prompt spawns handfuls of more ideas. The possibilities are a widening spiral, a depthless (w)hole.


Leggo, C. (2009). An Archipegalo of Fragments. In E. Hasebe-Ludt, C. M. Chambers, & C. Leggo (Authors), Life Writing and Literary Métissage as an Ethos for Our Times (pp. 74-77). New York: Peter Lang.

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