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French Horn with Rustling Oak Accompaniment

(*I should have posted this a few months ago when I originally made this sketch.)
Throughout the summer and autumn, my neighbour’s beautiful french horn playing drifted into my apartment.
I think I know which house it’s coming from but I don’t know the player. I painted this for them.

I printed out a copy and taped it to the utility pole outside the house. Unfortunately, it’s rainy here and the colours ran. ¬†Oops!


Still, I’ve caught people looking at it and that feels good.

Now that it’s winter and our windows are closed, I don’t hear the horn as often and I miss it.


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Wood… wood… wood?

I have done a bit of woodworking in the past but I wanted to explore the materiality of wood in a new way. A friend found a chunk of oak in Queen’s Park and he took it home for me. Marveled by the beauty of the rings, I leveled it then used a wire brush to raise the grain. I began printing the rings by hand onto newsprint.

I decided to push the project towards sculpture. What products do we manufacture from wood? Paper, cardboard, plywood, particle board, veneer…? Is it possible for these materials to imitate their parent?


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