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When You’re Gone



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Tkaronto: The Place Where Trees Stand in Water

This piece of street art (installed last fall) is a response to the geography and naming of Toronto. While there still seems to be some discussion on the origin of Toronto, one common interpretation is that the name originates from the Mohawk word Tkaronto, meaning “the place where trees stand in water”. (Any Mohawk elders or linguists out there?)

When the settlers came along, they thought the city’s intricate ravine system would make a great sewer and as a result most of these waterways were covered over. Today the rivers can be heard through storm drains across the city. You can learn more through Lost River Walks.

This piece was installed along the east side of Grange Park, where Russell Creek once flowed. I imagine McCaul Street as a place where birch trees might have stood along this waterway.

As people come to rip off my postering, it only adds to the effect of the “birch bark” peeling away.

The piece even made it to BlogTO ! As you can see, one pedestrian decided to record their positive feedback directly onto the artwork.


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Narrow Lots

I never cease to be delighted by the Victorian homes that line Toronto’s downtown residential streets. Some of these buildings have been maintained in their original states with stained glass windows and local red and yellow bricks. Others have been repainted and remodeled in all kinds of funky ways.

As I prepare to leave Toronto, this print serves as a bit of a souvenir.

Narrow Lots, 6″x18″, linocut
(please click to enlarge image)

Some sketches leading up to the print…


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Did you just see that?

Spotted this man last month. The best part about these kinds of characters is how they cause everyone else on the street to make eye contact and smile together. Strangers joining together over… strangeness!

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Spontaneous Line-ups

Have you observed the very Canadian phenomenon of spontaneous lines? Sometimes we line up before we know what we’re waiting for!

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