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We Found the Salmon Trees


If you’ve ever walked in a forest that has salmon habitat flowing through, then you have probably met a Salmon Tree*.
By detecting salmon-derived nitrogen in tree core samples, we can see that salmon carcasses (often brought in land by bears and other predators) feed trees in riparian zones. To find out more, check out this paper!

* “Salmon Tree” is the name used by Metro Vancouver Park Interpreters when teaching about this study.


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Card Season

For the past 16 years I have been creating the covers for my family’s Christmas cards. This is the time of year when I start putting things in motion so that I can collaborate with my dad who always thinks up the message printed on the inside.

Here are some samples from the past few years…

Colourful Forest, disperse dye heat transfer on cotton, Christmas 2008

Steller’s Jay, digital drawing, Christmas 2009

Chapel in the Woods, digitally altered linocut print, Christmas 2010

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Tkaronto: The Place Where Trees Stand in Water

This piece of street art (installed last fall) is a response to the geography and naming of Toronto. While there still seems to be some discussion on the origin of Toronto, one common interpretation is that the name originates from the Mohawk word Tkaronto, meaning “the place where trees stand in water”. (Any Mohawk elders or linguists out there?)

When the settlers came along, they thought the city’s intricate ravine system would make a great sewer and as a result most of these waterways were covered over. Today the rivers can be heard through storm drains across the city. You can learn more through Lost River Walks.

This piece was installed along the east side of Grange Park, where Russell Creek once flowed. I imagine McCaul Street as a place where birch trees might have stood along this waterway.

As people come to rip off my postering, it only adds to the effect of the “birch bark” peeling away.

The piece even made it to BlogTO ! As you can see, one pedestrian decided to record their positive feedback directly onto the artwork.


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Trending trees

I can’t stop painting these trees this summer. Maybe they’re inspired by the many nights spent on the beach of the Baie Sainte-Marie staring back at the silhouetted conifers on Sainte Anne’s campus.

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