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Night Bike!

There’s nothing like a late night suburban bike ride on a warm evening.

This summer I was pleasantly surprised by the number of other suburban cyclists I saw pedaling around in the wee hours of the morning. What fun!



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Midnight Borscht

I have discovered that some nocturnal creatures have been eating the beets in my garden.

Maybe they just have a hankering for borscht.

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Invited to Learn

At the beginning of our time together at the North Vancouver Outdoor School, the elders gave each of us student-teachers a Salish name.

Naming someone welcomes them to a place, a time, and a community. It shows them that they will be supported on their journeys. I also had the sense of becoming an ally of the land of the organisms that live here.

Names hold power. We identify with them. We grow an affinity for them. We embody them. We carry them with us.

Please note: I unfortunately did not have my Salish spellings verified. I used a Salish dictionary as a guide. You can download the dictionary here:

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You Can Only Learn Behind a Desk!

As I begin further studies in fine arts education, I am reflecting on its natural ties with environmental education.


This image represents a sample of my (developing|growing|expanding) thought process on embodiment in [environmental] education, but it is also influenced by an episode of On Being that features yoga teacher Matthew Sanford. To listen to it, click here.

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